Apartments for students in Budapest, Hungary

Maniv BP provides students who are looking for apartments for rent or purchase in the Hungarian capital. Our company has a large portfolio of apartments and manages over 200 properties in the best and most desirable areas of the city. Our company has apartments for rent in Budapest that can be furnished, and fully equipped. Our apartments are always new or refurbished as new and in close proximity to all desired educational institutions, close to public transport, entertainment centers and leading shopping centers.

Lease of apartments in Budapest for students

Step 1

We note all the important parameters the student wants the apartment to have

Step 2

Locating an apartment for rent in Budapest according to budget, requirements, institution of study noted in step 1

Step 3

Creating a lease contract with the help of our English and Hungarian speaking lawyers working inhouse.

Step 4

Guidance with Hungarian authorities

Step 5

ur English-speaking customer service department at maximum availability for the benefit of the student for handling of any fault or problem.
השכרת דירה בבודפשט בתקופת לימודים

Looking for a rental property?

Azar Amiri
Our rental agent

Phone number: 0036703495559

Acquisition of an apartment in Budapest during a study period

Purchasing property instead of renting?

Planning to study and live in Budapest for years? Are you facing studies of 3 years or more?
Average studies last between 3 to 6 years so why not become an investors yourself ?!
רכישת דירה בבודפשט בתקופת לימודים

The benefits of purchasing apartments instead of leasing during study period

Investing in a rental property during the first school year, residing in the property during the school term and selling it at the end of the studies - can yield a student investor a profit of 19% to 44% increase of the value of the property purchased.

No rental payments

During your studies you live in the property and thus avoid rent payment

Custom apartment design

Our team of architects and interior designers will renovate and refurbish your apartment according to your wants and needs

19-44% of Potential Increase of the Value of your property

Sale of property at the end of the study period


Their knowledge of the city, expertise in finding the most yielding properties for our budget resulting in us purchasing 6 different apartments with Maniv BP.
They now manage our properties and take care of all problems that come up since we live abroad.
For anyone looking for investment opportunities in Budapest, we highly recommend!
Our daughter came to study medicine in Budapest, and since she was going to live for a few years we decided to buy her an apartment instead of leasing one.
Maniv Bp helped us find a beautiful apartment in the heart of the city, that was not only suitable for our daughter, but we also got high yields once we decided to sell it.
Their quality of service and easy communication made the whole process very easy for us.
After searching for apartments for several weeks with different agents, I contacted Maniv Bp and their service was fantastic and eliminated all the hassle. Their staff was with me from the start to finish with questions, comments, recommendations and support to help me find the right investment property.
Thank you Maniv BP!