About Maniv Bp

Maniv Budapest offers an investor a variety of attractive investment opportunities in the Hungarian capital. The company was founded by Aviv Zada, an Israeli who has been living in Budapest for more than 14  years. We provide not only experience but also expertise with the help of professional Hungarian, Hebrew and English speaking lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, interior designers, architects, contractors, appraisers and a management department all inhouse.

Our company specializes in recognizing the characteristics that make a property a good investment with high leads and perform an in-depth analysis of each investor according to their needs, goals and expected return in order to provide high profits. We then locate the most relevant potential investment properties, acquisition and renovation. Upon completion of the transaction, our management team continues to accompany the client and provides ongoing management of the property to tenants and authorities.

Thanks to the mastery of both languages ​​(English & Hungarian) and our years of experience, Maniv Bp offers a safe bridge for our investors from all around. We deal with the purchase, renovation and management of all types of property purchases, from small investments to the acquisition of boutique hotels and commercial buildings.


Our company's services include:

1. Finding Properties - Finding yielding real estate assets in Hungary.
2. Trending Identification - Identifying current trends in the Budapest real estate market.
3. Investment management - Investment management while dealing with authorities and risk assessment.
4. Investor Characterization - Analysis of investment objectives according to characteristics such as budget, character, risks, expected return, etc.
5. Property management in Hungary in general and Budapest in particular, on an ongoing basis - Property management in Hungary including dealing with tenants and authorities.
6. Bureaucracy Management - Familiarize yourself with the Hungarian bureaucracy and answer every challenge.
7. Tax Consulting - Ongoing work with tax advisers and accountants to maximize investment profits.
8. Customer Service Available - Customer Service Department at maximum 24/7 customer availability (email, phone, fax, messaging).
9. Legal Advice – Maniv Bp has 2 lawyers working in house to provide our customers with legal support and advice
10. Financing - Assistance in financing solutions with Hungarian banks and finding relevant mortgage paths.
11. Property Improvement - Property Improvement Maximize investment by architecture, renovation, interior design, refurbishment and more.