With our 5 years experience in the field and renovating over 150  properties, our team of architects and interior deisgners have gained expertise on how to flip/ split/ renovate and refurbish properties for airbnb or long term rentals. We provide interior selections for all professional projects including retail and hospitality according to our clients budget and make sure we maximize the value of the property in question.

Renovation Processes

Our Team

Avi Levin
Partner & Project Manager
Dr. Osi Barnabas
Dr. Osi Noemi
Yaron Abargil
Chief Architect
Giba Agi
Architect and Interior Designer
To book a counseling meeting with us- Call: 06 30 228 6405

The benefits of our team:

5 years of experience in the field
Team of English and Hungarian speaking professionals
Renovation of over 150 properties in the 5,6,7 districts