Data Receipt Consent:

By clicking send details you are agreeing to the transfer of that data to our company for communication and investment proposals offered by our company to our potential clients. You are aware that the recorded data will be stored in the system for marketing purposes. You are aware of the type of activity you are making in Budapest and are interested in receiving investment proposals in Hungary and agree to communicate with the company representative through the data you entered.

Data usage:

Maniv does not intend to transfer the data to a third party and does not collect them for the purpose of selling them, as well as selling the registrant's privacy. The company is engaged in the marketing, management, sale and rental of rental properties in Budapest in particular and in Hungary in general.

Use of the data will be done by law. If this page is used on a device that does not belong to the request owner (or in the workplace), consider the terms of use (if any) of the operator and the sales person / equipment from which the request was made and take into account the conditions. Our rental company is not responsible if this data has not been held liable or directly from its data.

Maniv may analyze the data and link it to additional data received or received by the data feeder or future prospects.

Our company may change the terms of service at any given time and without notice.

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